Im sorry


I am sorry. I did not send you this, knowing that you don’t care how I feel for you. The thought suffocates me. Sorry.


Do I love him?

Do I really love him? I mean, how can I describe my feelings for him? Am I already fallen inlove with him?

That was the 18th day of July of the previous year. As far as I remember he was wearing green poloshirt that day. He is really handsome. He was my teacher in ‘Apostle’s Creed’ class (I am currently studying in a Catholic school that’s why). I remembered him writing his personal information on the board, Jayrom Ramirez-it says, he even wrote his cellphone number. He introduced himself infront confidently. He graduated at University of Sto. Tomas, Bachelor in Sacred Theology class of 2011. And yes, he is a priest. A young good-looking priest. But he has flaws, too. I was disappointed when he was not able to meet us on our first and second meetings. I observed that he is not so interested in handling us. And if I am not mistaken he just met us 5 or 6 times in the first semester. But despite of it, I admire him. He was a former player of UST Basketball teamwhich slowly makes me realized that I am already liking him.

And that’s the start. I knew that it is wrong. To like him, to like a Jayrom Ramirez is wrong.😟💔